Description of Transformation - DE_DHDN (BeTA, 2007) to ETRS89
Operation identifierDE_DHDN (BeTA, 2007) to ETRS89
Operation identifier alias
EPSG code: 15948
Country identifierDE
Operation valid area
Germany, whole country
Operation scopefor homogeneous transformation of geo-topographic data, especially according to harmonisation of the German Federal State borders, for applications with an accuracy at submeter level
Source coordinate reference system identifierDE_DHDN / GK_3
Target coordinate reference system identifierETRS89 / UTM
Operation version
Version 1.0
Operation method nameBeTA2007...Bundeseinheitliche Transformation für ATKIS (uniform transformation in Germany for Official Topographic and Cartographic Information System), established in 2007
Operation method name aliasNTv2
Operation method formula
see documentation Bundeseinheitliche 
Transformation für ATKIS - BeTA2007 
(BETA2007dokumentationV15.pdf - Version 1.5. from 
21-February-2012, pdf, ~650 kByte) (only in German) 
Operation method parameters number1
Operation method remarks
BeTA2007 is using transformation method NTv2 - National 
Transformation Version 2, this method based on 
interpolation of known shift values of a regular grid, 
values of this grid were computed in advance from networks 
of identical points; 
BeTA2007 contains implict the conversion (change of 
coordinate system) from DE_DHDN / GK_3 to DE_DHDN / Lat-Lon 
and after transformation with method NTv2 (change of datum) 
to ETRS89 / Lat-Lon  the conversion to ETRS89 / UTM 

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Operation parameter namegrid data
Operation parameter valuegrid data (BETA2007.gsa, ASCII, 215 kByte)
grid data (BETA2007.gsb, binary, 85 kByte)
Operation parameter remarks