Description of CRS - AT_MGI / Austria GK
Country identifierAT
CRS identifierAT_MGI / Austria GK
CRS alias
AT_MGI / Austria GK extended 3 zones of Gauß-Krüger 
projection, named Austria GK West (EPSG: 31254) 
Austria GK Central (EPSG: 31255) and
Austria GK East (EPSG: 31256)
CRS valid areaAustria
CRS scopeLarge and medium scale topographic mapping and engineering survey
CRS remarks
The CRS AT_MGI / Austria GK is used for the digital data 
distribution (as default value) through the BEV Geoportal It is based on the description of AT_MGI / 
AT_TM but includes some changes in the parameters due to 
the zoning, the used prime meridian (Ferro / Greenwich) and 
false northing (-5 000 000 m). 
Datum identifierMGI
Datum alias
Militärgeographisches Institut
Datum typegeodetic
Datum anchor point
Austria, Hermannskogel, Habsburgwarte,
Lat = 48°16'15.2900" N,
Lon = 16°17'41.0600" E (wrt. Greenwich)
Datum realization epoch
Datum valid area
Datum scope
Datum remarks
Prime meridian identifierGreenwich
Prime meridian greenwich longitude
Prime meridian remarks
Ellipsoid identifierBessel 1841
Ellipsoid aliasBessel
Ellipsoid semi major axis6 377 397.155 m
Ellipsoid shapetrue
Ellipsoid inverse flattening299.15281285
Ellipsoid remarks
Coordinate system identifierAustria GK
Coordinate system typeprojected
Coordinate system dimension2
Coordinate system remarks
Coordinate system axis nameX / northing
Coordinate system axis directionNorth
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Coordinate system axis nameY / easting
Coordinate system axis directionEast
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Operation identifierAustria GK
Operation valid areaAustria
Operation scope
Operation method nameTransverse Mercator Projection
Operation method name alias
Gauß Krüger Projection
Operation method formula
Transverse Mercator Mapping Equations, in Hooijberg, 
Practical Geodesy, 1997, pages 81-84 
Operation method parameters number6
Operation method remarks
Transverse Mercator Projection (Gauß-Krüger Projection), 
3 zones: West, Central and East, 3 degree width,  central 
meridians wrt. Greenwich 
Operation parameter namelatitude of origin
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
0°, the Equator
Operation parameter namelongitude of origin
Operation parameter value
central meridians for zone West 10°20'  E, Central 
13°20' E and East 16°20' E wrt. Greenwich 
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namefalse northing
Operation parameter value
-5 000 000 m
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namefalse easting
Operation parameter value
0 m
Operation parameter remarks
zone number are explicit
Operation parameter namescale factor at central meridian
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namewidth of zone
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks