Description of CRS - DE_KRON / NH
Country identifierDE
CRS identifierDE_KRON / NH
CRS alias
EPSG code: 5785
CRS valid areanewly formed German states
CRS scope
CRS remarks
mean tidal system
Datum identifierKronstadt
Datum alias
Datum typevertical
Datum anchor point
underground marker Hoppegarten (NHP 1912)
Datum realization epoch1976; sea level 1833
Datum valid area
newly formed German States
Datum scope
Datum remarks
height of underground marker Hoppegarten from the 
adjustment of the United Precise Levelling Network of 
Eastern Europe 1957 was fixed 
Coordinate system identifiernormal heights
Coordinate system typegravity related
Coordinate system dimension1
Coordinate system remarks
Coordinate system axis nameheight
Coordinate system axis directionup
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre