Description of CRS - DE_42/83 / GK_3
Country identifierDE
CRS identifierDE_42/83 / GK_3
CRS alias
EPSG codes: 2397, 2398, 2399
AdV codes: DE_42-83_3GK3, DE_42-83_3GK4, DE_42-83_3GK5

Note: in EPSG and AdV codes also format descriptions for 
coordinate data sets are included (order of coordinate 
values,  zone number) - may be defined differently  

CRS-EU description encloses all zones 3...5, GK_3 
indicates width of zone - 3 degree 
CRS valid areaGermany, offical CRS in federal state Sachsen-Anhalt, coordinates are still in use in new federal states
CRS scopebasis for surveying activities, topographic and base mapping, cadastral
CRS remarks
Datum identifier42/83
Datum alias
Pulkovo, Krassovsky, System 42/83
Datum typegeodetic
Datum anchor point
Russia, Pulkowo,
Lat = 59°46'18.55" N,
Lon = 30°19'42.09" E
Datum realization epoch1983,international adjustment of EAGN (Einheitliches Astronomisch Geodätisches Netz - Uniform Astro Geodetic Network) of countries of Central and Eastern European
Datum valid area
Datum scope
Datum remarks
datum of former East Germany / German Democratic Republic 
(GDR), also former used in Central and Eastern European 
Prime meridian identifierGreenwich
Prime meridian greenwich longitude
Prime meridian remarks
Ellipsoid identifierKrassovsky 1940
Ellipsoid alias
Ellipsoid semi major axis6 378 245 m
Ellipsoid shapetrue
Ellipsoid inverse flattening298.3
Ellipsoid remarks
Coordinate system identifierGK_3
Coordinate system typeprojected
Coordinate system dimension2
Coordinate system remarks
Coordinate system axis nameX / Hochwert
Coordinate system axis directionNorth
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Coordinate system axis nameY / Rechtswert
Coordinate system axis directionEast
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Operation identifierGK_3
Operation valid area
Operation scope
Operation method nameTransverse Mercator Projection
Operation method name alias
Gauß Krüger Projection
Operation method formula
Transverse Mercator Mapping Equations, in Hooijberg, 
Practical Geodesy, 1997, pages 81-84 
Operation method parameters number7
Operation method remarks
special German specification of Transverse Mercator 
Projection in zones of 3°, also known as Gauss Krüger 
Operation parameter namelatitude of origin
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
0°, the Equator
Operation parameter namelongitude of origin
Operation parameter value
entral meridian (CM) of each zone
for DE_42/83: 9° E, 12° E, 15° E in use
Operation parameter remarks
in general: central meridians 3° E, 6° E, 9° E, 12° 
Operation parameter namefalse northing
Operation parameter value
0 m
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namefalse easting
Operation parameter value
500 000  + (n * 10**6) m, with number 
e.g. 3 500 000 for zone number 3 (CM = 9° E)
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namescale factor at central meridian
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namewidth of zones
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namezone number n
Operation parameter value
n = longitude value of central meridian / 3
for DE_42/83: zones 3, 4, 5
Operation parameter remarks