Description of CRS - ETRS89-LatLonh
Countrypan-European CRS
Country identifierEU
CRS identifierETRS89-LatLonh
CRS alias
ETRS89 Ellipsoidal CRS
EPSG code: 4937
CRS valid areaEurope
CRS scopeGeodesy, Cartography, Geoinformation Systems, Mapping
CRS remarks
primary coordinate system (CS),  basis for all projected 
CS of ETRS89 
Datum identifierETRS89
Datum alias
European Terrestrial Reference System 1989
Datum typegeodetic
Datum anchor point
Datum realization epoch
Datum valid area
Datum scope
European datum consistent with ITRS at the epoch 1989.0 
and fixed to the stable part of the Eurasian continental 
plate for georeferencing of GIS and geokinematic tasks 
Datum remarks
Boucher, C., Altamimi, Z. (1992): The EUREF Terrestrial 
Reference System and its First Realizations. 
Veröffentlichungen der Bayerischen Kommission für die 
Internationale Erdmessung, Heft 52, München 1992, pages 
- or -
Prime meridian identifierGreenwich
Prime meridian greenwich longitude
Prime meridian remarks
Ellipsoid identifierGRS 80
Ellipsoid aliasNew International
Ellipsoid semi major axis6 378 137 m
Ellipsoid shapetrue
Ellipsoid inverse flattening298.257222101
Ellipsoid remarkssee Moritz, H. (1988): Geodetic Reference System 1980. Bulletin Geodesique, The Geodesists Handbook, 1988, Internat. Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Coordinate system identifierEllipsoidal Coordinate System
Coordinate system typegeodetic
Coordinate system dimension3
Coordinate system remarks
Coordinate system axis namegeodetic latitude
Coordinate system axis directionNorth
Coordinate system axis unit identifierdegree
Coordinate system axis namegeodetic longitude
Coordinate system axis directionEast
Coordinate system axis unit identifierdegree
Coordinate system axis nameellipsoidal height
Coordinate system axis directionup
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre