Description of CRS - HR_HTRS96 / HTRS96_TM
Country identifierHR
CRS identifierHR_HTRS96 / HTRS96_TM
CRS alias
CRS valid areaCroatia
CRS scopebasis for surveying activities, state survey, cadastral and topographic surveying and base mapping at scales larger than 1 : 500 000
CRS remarks
implemented into offical surveying pratice since 04- 
Datum identifierHTRS96
Datum alias
Datum typegeodetic
Datum anchor point
Datum realization epoch1996 (1995.55)
Datum valid area
Datum scope
Datum remarks
determined in ETRS89 from 78 permanently stabilized 
geodetic control points 
Prime meridian identifierGreenwich
Prime meridian greenwich longitude
Prime meridian remarks
Ellipsoid identifierGRS 80
Ellipsoid aliasNew International
Ellipsoid semi major axis6 378 137 m
Ellipsoid shapetrue
Ellipsoid inverse flattening298.257222101
Ellipsoid remarkssee Moritz, H. (1988): Geodetic Reference System 1980. Bulletin Geodesique, The Geodesists Handbook, 1988, Internat. Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Coordinate system identifierHTRS96_TM
Coordinate system typeprojected
Coordinate system dimension2
Coordinate system remarks
Coordinate system axis namenorthing / N
Coordinate system axis directionNorth
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Coordinate system axis nameeasting / E
Coordinate system axis directionEast
Coordinate system axis unit identifiermetre
Operation identifierHTRS96_TM
Operation valid areaCroatia
Operation scopestate survey and cadastre (scale 1:500 000 and larger)
Operation method nameTransverse Mercator Projection
Operation method name alias
Gauß Krüger Projection
Operation method formula
Transverse Mercator Mapping Equations, in Hooijberg, 
Practical Geodesy, 1997, pages 81-84 
Operation method parameters number6
Operation method remarks
HTRS96_TM use only one zone of Transverse Mercator 
projection and differs from HR_TM wich is in use with HDKS 
Operation parameter namelatitude of origin
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks0°, the Equator
Operation parameter namelongitude of origin
Operation parameter value
16°30' E
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namefalse northing
Operation parameter value
0 m
Operation parameter remarkswhole territory of Croatia has positive value
Operation parameter namefalse easting
Operation parameter value
500 000 m
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namescale factor at central meridian
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter namewidth of zones
Operation parameter value
Operation parameter remarks1 zone for whole country