Description of Transformation - DE_AMST_2016 / NH to EVRF2007
Operation identifierDE_AMST_2016 / NH to EVRF2007
Operation identifier alias
Country identifierDE
Operation valid area
Operation scope
Source coordinate reference system identifierDE_AMST_2016 / NH
Target coordinate reference system identifierEVRF2007_AMST / NH
Operation version
425 identical points
Operation method name3 parameter height transformation
Operation method name alias
Operation method formula
Operation method parameters number3
Operation method remarks
coordinates of the reference point Po:
 Lat = 51° 3' N
 Lon = 10°13' E
Operation parameter namevertical translation
Operation parameter value+0.014 m
Operation parameter remarks
Operation parameter nameslope in the direction of the meridian (positive when up northwards)
Operation parameter value-0.010 "
Operation parameter remarksEquivalent to -0.005 m height change at a distance of 100 km of Po. To be in agreement with formulas the slope parameter has to be converted to Radians.
Operation parameter nameslope in the direction perpendicular to the meridian (positive when up eastwards)
Operation parameter value0
Operation parameter remarks